Lesson Cover Songs

In the middle of 2019 I started taking bass lessons from Steve Baranowski once a week for an hour. After a few weeks I asked if we could spend part of each lesson covering a new song every week. It didn't have to be challenging necessarily -- I just wanted the pleasure of making music, instead of it being me endlessly fumbling about with scales and concepts. Steve agreed to it, and so here they are -- the songs we've covered.

They are one take affairs, mostly the first/only take, captured by an ambient mic. This is quick and dirty, and the resulting mix is not great, but this way leaves more time for the real lesson. Sometimes the accompanying drums are generic drum patterns; other times it is from a youtube drum cover, or when possible, from a karaoke backing track which has had guitar and bass removed.

Date Song Artist Time Comments
2020-01-15 Too Rolling Stoned 5:45 Robin Trower karaoke backing track; Steve had the shred dial turned up to 9
2020-01-08 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding 3:41 Elvis Costello karaoke backing track
2020-01-01 Christmas Wrapping 5:41 The Waitresses karaoke backing track, bass-heavy mix
2019-12-18 Cinnamon Girl 2:52 Neil Young voice and drum backing track
2019-12-11 It's Only Natural 3:27 Crowded House original on left; me on right (too stiffly)
2019-12-04 Radio Free Europe 3:37 R.E.M. voice and drum backing track
2019-11-27 Hey Hey What Can I Do 4:03 Led Zeppelin voice and drum backing track; 1:30 is the sound of me tossing down pages of sheet music
2019-11-13 Back On The Chain Gang 4:07 The Pretenders voice and drum backing track
2019-11-06 Watching The Detectives 3:57 Elvis Costello voice and drum backing track
2019-10-30 Fire 2:47 Jimi Hendrix voice and drum backing track
2019-10-16 Money 6:26 Pink Floyd voice and drum backing track; a few problems with transitions
2019-10-09 You Might Think 3:10 The Cars voice and drum backing track
2019-10-02 Roxanne 3:22 The Police voice and drum backing track; not a great mix
2019-09-25 And She Was Talking Heads voice and drum backing track; no recording
2019-09-18 Carry On My Wayward Son 5:25 Kansas voice and drum backing track
2019-09-04 Taxman 2:46 The Beatles voice and drum backing track; the busy bass part at 0'54" is a fun train wreck
2019-09-04 La Grange 3:46 ZZ Top took another try at this
2019-08-28 La Grange 3:48 ZZ Top voice and drum backing track
2019-08-21 Manic Depression 3:45 Jimi Hendrix had to take another try at this; better, but still fumbled a few times
2019-08-07 Manic Depression 4:28 Jimi Hendrix playing to drum cover; bass sucks
2019-07-31 Driven To Tears 3:29 The Police playing to drum cover
2019-07-24 Sunshine Of Your Love 3:32 Cream next student arrived in the middle
2019-07-17 Purple Haze 3:18 Jimi Hendrix comment