Jim's Patents

Here is a list of patents that have been granted with my name as author or co-author. You can look them up at www.uspto.gov (US Patent and Trademark Office)

Patent Number Patent Title
5,864,704 Multimedia processor using variable length instructions with opcode specification of source operand as result of prior instruction
6,002,410 Reconfigurable Texture Cache
6,393,527 Prefetch Buffer with Continue Detect
6,417,848 Pixel Clustering for Improved Graphics Throughput
6,424,345 Binsorter Triangle Insertion Optimization
6,453,330 High-precision Bilinear Interpolation
6,462,743 Pipeline Processing System and Method
6,501,474 Method and System for Efficient Rendering of Image Component Polygons
6,618,508 Motion Compensation Device
7,088,713 Switch Fabric with Memory Management Unit for Improved Flow Control
7,136,381 Memory Management Unit Architecture for Switch Fabric
7,224,364 Optimal Initial Rasterization Starting Point
7,710,424 Method and System for a Texture-Aware Virtual Memory Subsystem
8,659,601 Program sequencer for generating indeterminant length shader programs for a graphics processor
8,687,010 Arbitrary size texture palettes for use in graphics systems
8,856,499 Reducing instruction execution passes of data groups through a data operation unit