Jim's Junk

If you haven't seen me in a while, you may be shocked to see I have gone to pot.

I have some old floppy disks containing programs I wrote a long time ago and decided to create a crypt to store my oldest programming artifacts and code memories. I wish that had kept my Verbatim cassette tape with my Wang 2200 programs from high school, but it was tossed during college. Most of this will be utterly boring to anyone but me, but it was fun to put together.

I have been awarded a few patents.

Web sites that I am still developing (though sometimes glacially):

Here are web sites that I created to archive information about some interesting systems which are otherwise mostly undocumented on the web. I am not actively developing them, but if you have something to contribute for one of these, I'm happy to add it on:

Lust List

I went through a long phase of collecting more things than I have time for. Now I'm down to a handful of machines that I can concentrate on. If you have any of the following to copy, donate, or sell, please contact me.


I can be contacted by email.